New Album!

2014-06-25 12:49:29 by JakkMAU5

The new album drops today, and I want to get everyone's general opinion/advertise it here. I want to thank the people that helped me make this album, including the guy known as Rade Dobison on here I believe, as he mixed and worked on some of the music with me. 

The album features other artists such as Laffe The Fox, Super Robotic Encounters, and a monologue from famous voice actor Rice Pirate.

The album is only $9.99, and the album contains 11 original tracks, and 22 covers and remixes! 


Click the link right here if you want to learn more on how to request a commission. :D 

Pretty nice prices for both drawn and now CHIPTUNE commissions. 

Commissions close April 1st. (note: maybe extended beyond that date depending on how many commissions are made.)

My music was in a video

2014-02-05 16:10:11 by JakkMAU5

TomSka's Day Out 7 features the song ''Insert ASDF Here'', a song that I made. 

You can purchase the song on bandcamp at:

Chiptune Commissions! :D

2013-11-03 21:23:11 by JakkMAU5

hey hey!

so for a change im doing music commissions! So here’s the deal:


Loop: $3

Full song: $5


Loop: $6

Full: $10

Addtional work put into it, such as non-chiptune synths and drums will cost $2-$3 extra.

Please send an pm with what you want! :D

all commissions will be sent via paypal.

Remix Contest!

2013-10-13 19:35:27 by JakkMAU5

Hai guys.

Im holding a lil contest for all you music makers. So here's what to do. :)

You'll be remixing the song 'WTF!'. You may remix the song anyway you like with your own personal blend. Below will be a zip file of all the seperate parts of the song, including the full track itself. :)

After you have finished remixing the song, send me a pm with the link of the remix (via Newgrounds, or Soundcloud), and I will add you to the roster in a later post.

Then, there will be two sets of votes. There will be a public vote, were you, the general public, Votes on the best remix. The second remix consists of me deciding the ultimate champion. There will be three songs that will be chosen out of the contestants.

The winners of this contest will have their songs featured in a Remix EP that will be available before the release of the album H3art. They will also be able to collaborate on the H3art album as well.

The contest will end on Nov. 16! Good Luck everyone! :D

WTF Remix Tools:

want nsfw stuff for monster chicks!? :D

thenk click the link! :D

Icon Commissions

2013-09-11 20:07:31 by JakkMAU5

Hey hey hey. I'm doing commissions for icons! :D

only $5 for anything you want! (examples are down below, if you want more, please go to

Icon Commissions

Capcom related goodiness

2013-07-30 21:53:16 by JakkMAU5


I unfortunately didn't win the Capcom music contest (Or at least I Don't think.) BUUUUUUUUUUUT I did get an email from the main shindig runner Paul Kautz from Capcom Germany.

My remix of Fragments will be featured on as apart of the Best Of Remixes collection. SOOOOO WOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Of course the song, as well as the other songs, will be free to download, but I'm still putting my name out there, so I'm super stoaked.

I will make a post with the links later

Commissions for a friend

2013-07-02 17:10:10 by JakkMAU5

Help me help my good friend Jaxamoto!

Im doing commissions during July, to help animator Jaxamoto pay the bills.

So here's how it works. $5=ANYTHING YOU FUCKING DESIRE. yes. Music, animation, art, you name it. FOR FIVE DOLLARS!

This will go to Jaxamoto's patreon. All money will go to my paypal (, so it will be donated to her.

If you wish to donate yourself, here is the link:

If you wanna do a comission, please, send me a pm on my profile :D


2013-05-07 17:12:25 by JakkMAU5

I will be doing commisions! :D

Here are the prices:

Black and White drawing- $2

Color drawing- $3

Animation- $4

Music request- $5

Art trades are free.


black and white- $5

Color- $6

Animation- will not do until i'm fully prepared.

So there you have it. Spread the word please! :D