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Wreck Wreck

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Ok. The game looks AMAZINGLY good. I love the art style that went into this game.

Now, that being said, I do have some cons to point out. First of all, as suggest by someone else, the music is somewhat repetitive. I mean, I enjoyed the music (especially when you used Blue Scr33n for the boss fight), but there need to be more then a 1.49 minute loop. It gets very tedious when you've been on the same level for about 5 minutes. I would suggest having the creator of the music of the main menu and the first levels to add onto the tracks themselves.

Onto controls. At first, I loved the controls of the game, but after a while, I ended up frustrating myself. First, the character shouldn't slide when she's on the ground. There should be NO knockback whatsoever. Its one thing when the character gets hit and knocked back, but if she's firing her laser while on the ground, she shouldn't move at all. However, that being said, the game's controls are pretty decent. Just PLEASE fix the knockback issue while on the ground.

But other than those points, pretty ok game. :)

(p.s. You should probably add links to were these songs are available for purchase or download)